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What is Earthwool®?

All Agra-Wool products are made from Earthwool®.
Earthwool® is a natural rock wool product made from basalt, a volcanic solidification rock (coagulated lava). The ‘naturally healthy’ fibres are made by heating and spinning this rock. Our rock wool is also made with a natural binder (Ecose®), free of acetylates and formaldehyde. This makes it a much more accessible substrate for the roots compared to ‘normal’ rock wool and allows plants to make better use of the available volume.
Plant-based raw materials are used to make the binder instead of petrochemicals.
70% less energy is used in the production of our Ecose® binder in comparison to traditional binders.
Using a patented process, we convert the renewable raw materials into an exceptionally strong binder. As a result, our rock wool products based on Ecose® technology are noticeably softer and spread no odour or dust. They can also be recognised by their characteristic brown colour. Our rock wool products are also safer for humans and the environment. They do not irritate the hands and skin and are therefore more user-friendly when processing.
Advantages of our rock wool compared to regular yellow wool include:
  • Organic binder
  • Better root control
  • Durable
  • Excellent growth performance
  • Better for the environment
  • No skin irritation
  • Better resistance against diseases and pests