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Agra-Wool International is a company that develops and produces Earthwool® products.
Over the years, we have accumulated extensive knowledge and experience in the field of substrates, among other things.
All our products are manufactured using Earthwool® as a raw material. This is a completely natural and environmentally friendly rock wool with many advantages compared to regular yellow wool, such as:
  • Organic binder
  • Durable
  • Better root control
  • Better growth performance
  • Better for the environment
  • No skin irritation
Our product range consists of unique products that are produced in our own factories for the professional agricultural industry, gardeners, and garden centres. We also make specific products at request of the customer.
In addition, we are the exclusive distributor of various professional products for the agricultural industry. We are always looking for modernization and innovative products for agriculture and horticulture.
We supply worldwide, through our extensive dealer network.
Agra-Wool - Kas foto
Agra-Wool - Kas foto

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