100% Natural Floral Foam

100% Natural Floral Foam™

100% Natural Floral Foam™ is a product of Agra Wool International.
The biggest advantage of 100% Natural Floral Foam™ is that it can be used both wet and dry. The '100% Natural Floral Foam™ Natural Foam™' has an enormous suction power, therefore absorbs and retains a lot of water very quickly. Because of its resilience it clamps well in every pot or vase. It is also easy to cut in any shape. The' 100% Natural Floral Foam™' ensures that the stem is firmly attached.
Intended for:
  • Dry flowers
  • Silk flowers
  • Live flowers


100% Natural Floral Foam™ Natural is an easy and clean product, fully biodegradable.
Dimensions foam bricks:

20cm x 10cm x 7,5cm
20 bricks in a box

23cm x 10cm x 7,5cm
20 bricks in a box
Dimensions foam sheet:

59,5 x 40 x 6,5cm
4 sheets in a box
"Just 1 product for all your flower arrangements"
Explanation video: Foam brick silk flowers
Explanation video: Foam brick fresh flowers
Explanation video: Foam sheet