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For florists

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How were the blocks created?

In 2012, Agra Wool International began producing stone wool substrates and related products made with 70% less energy than regular yellow stone wool. The company has since specialized fully in producing products using Earthwool® as the base material. This a completely natural and environmentally friendly stone wool, made from volcanic rock (basalt). These products are intended for hydroponics as a replacement for cultivation soil, among other things, and are used worldwide in the professional agricultural industry.
Soon we were asked by local flower designers if we could also make cutting blocks from this natural stone wool. Especially for the sustainable designers with ecological vision, this is a very welcome product.

What does Sideau® consist of?

In 2017, the Sideau® product was made from a higher density rock wool. There are no petrochemicals or other chemicals added in Sideau® and they do not leave harmful microplastics in the water. The binder of the stone wool is also free of formaldehyde and made of a type of sucrose. This again provides a small nutrient value with an EC of 0.8/0.9. The rockwool is PH neutral (Ph 7.0).
The basalt meal, of which the blocks are largely made up, is high in silicon, trace elements and minerals. Basalt meal is specifically designed to change and improve clay soil. Plants grow very well on it. Another advantage of using basalt meal is that it fixes nitrogen. Many growers use this natural product to strengthen the natural resistance of crops.