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Results of trial using Agra Wool horticultural plugs

25 augustus 2022

Here’s the findings of a non-scientific experiment we carried out recently which you may find interesting.

Floristry bricks manufactured by Agra Wool International now renamed Sideau are made from basalt a dark fine-grained volcanic rock and sucrose produced naturally from cane or sugar beet all of which are completely compostable.

Sideau tell us the used blocks which have contained flower arrangements also have a secondary use which are too valuable to be thrown away when no longer needed. Simply cut the bricks into small pieces and use as a base for plant and patio containers, the nutritious composition of basalt meal and sucrose makes it an ideal medium for plants to thrive.

The horticultural division of the company also produce small pellets of the same material as the bricks are made from for nurserymen to sow seeds directly into and having obtained some samples of these pellets we thought we would put them to the test.

Field Beans, sometimes known as Winter Beans produce a pea like pod containing several small beans which are grown for consumption or as green manures. We placed one seed into each pellet, our picture shows the result almost one month after sowing, good competition we think whilst the compost industry seek out reputable peat free alternatives.

These thriving plants have now been transplanted onto Hillside Allotments to grow on allowing the soil there to take over from the pellets which having done their job will be converted into sustainable organic matter.

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