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Rock wool substrate RCX-1™

What is RCX-1™?

RCX-1™ is also called Rockwool Cube Mix. The use of Earthwool® makes our product almost 100% natural. This substrate is ready to use, or you can mix it yourself with a material as desired. The raw materials used are all new, so no recycled raw materials are processed in RCX-1™. This also eliminates the risk of infection due to diseases or mould from external sources.

Smart packaging

A unique packaging system allows us to pack 3 bags of RCX-1™ mix per box. The bags are filled with at least 80 litres per bag. This way, you can be sure that the RCX-1™ mix arrives at your company in good condition.

Getting started

All our substrates are PH and EC neutral and ready to use. After unpacking, shake the bags to the correct volume of 80 litres and spread them over the pots/bins or other growing systems. Do not press or compress the substrates. After this, only moisten with water when inserting the plants. Daily watering according to the needs of the plant ensures the best result.
If you would like different packaging, please ask us.