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Sideau®. The 100% biodegradable floral foam alternative.

AgraWool International Group from The Netherlands, is worldwide known for their substrates and water absorbing natural stone wool products for growers. After extensive testing with the product’s density, now AgraWool has developed a product that has the same characteristics as floral foam in terms of use; Sideau®. In contrast to floral foam, that is made from oil derivatives and phenol resin – which is plastic – Sideau® is fully biodegradable. Therefore Sideau® is perfectly suited for florists and flower arrangers who want to use an fully environmental friendly base for their creations.
Sideau® is made of Earthwool®, a natural product made from basalt, a volcanic igneous rock. In addition, Sideau® is made with Ecose®, a natural binder, free from acetylates and formaldehyde’s. In the composition of the binder, therefore, petrochemical raw materials make way for vegetable raw materials. During the production of Ecose®, seventy percent less energy is required than in the production of traditional binders. Sideau® is noticeably softer but still very dense, does not emit any odor and gives off little dust. Hence the recognizable brown color. Sideau® is therefore friendly to people and environment. It does not irritate hands and skin and is therefore pleasant to process.

The product name Sideau® is derived from the first name of the owner of AgraWool, which is Sido. Furthermore the name consists of two phrases: Si and d’Eau, which explains one of the main characteristics of the product: it absorbs and holds water perfectly. Even better than the traditional floral foam. So, yes, water!

Sideau® is going to change the world of environmentally conscious florists and flower arrangers and for sure is the 100% biodegradable floral foam alternative.

Sideau® product characteristics

  • Sideau® is completely natural (made of basalt and an organic binder of Sucrose). No petrochemicals or microplastics are used in the production process
  • Sideau® absorbs water incredibly fast (a few seconds) without the forming of air bubbles in the product
  • Sideau® is usable for all kinds of flower arrangements, dried flowers, silk flowers and fresh flowers. One block for all your flower arrangements
  • Sideau® is reusable because of its spongy structure. It can be used for a second time by wrapping chicken wire around it
  • Sideau® continues to absorb water time after time. This allows you to add water if the flower arrangement threatens to dry out
  • With Sideau® you no longer have any waste of product. If you have pieces left over after cutting the Sideau® blocks into shapes, you can easily tear these pieces into smaller parts and keep them. Put them in a pot, vase or wooden crate, like our “moestuin kistjes”, and use Sideau® as a substitute for potting soil. Anything with a root will grow on it
  • Sideau® has a neutral Ph-value and a small nutrient supply of 0.8 Ec.
  • Sideau® is easy to cut with for example a bread knife, without crumbling
  • Sideau® can be disposed in small pieces in the green container (according to the legislation of your country). You can also deposit it on your compost heap
  • Basalt is full of nutritious minerals and is also used to upgrade heavy clay soil
  • What remains when degraded, is Basalt meal (sand) which is completely natural and harmless to nature
  • Sideau® is a registered product of AgraWool International, the Netherlands
If you want more information about Sideau®, the availability of the product in different shapes and sizes, the products characteristics and pricing, please don’t hesitate to contact us.